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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 26, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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absolutely. >> well time to go. that's it for us. have a great weekend, everyone. "special report" is next.
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make the best entertainment part of your holidays. catch all the hottest handpicked titles on the winter watchlist, only with xfinity from comcast. more than 25,000 people including police officers from around the country are expected at the wake and funeral of slain nypd officer ramos. wenjian liu were
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assassinated in their patrol car last saturday. funeral service is being held right now. david lee? >> kimberly, it has been an emotional day in queens at the christ tabernacle church. the memorial service as you mentioned is now taking place. news cameras are not allowed inside. off in the distance, perhaps you can hear the program through a loud speaker that is being played for the thousands and thousands who are in the street that cannot fit inside this church. it home has the capacity of about 8050. the officer's body arrived here a little after 12 noon. it was brought into the church by a police honor guard. other authors stood silent nearby as the body of officer ramos entered the church where he has been a member of the congregation for the last 14 years. fellow congregants new him in and out of uniform describe him as someone who
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was kindenned gentle. new york governor andrew cuomo was here. he described first and foremost what has taken place as a personal tragedy. throughout the day where the church is located became a sea of blue. not just police, kimberly from new york city but around the country mourners waited for hours in purpose to show respect for the fallingen officer. as you would expect, security was tight especially after police found guns and bullet-proof vests in a home not far from here. a home belonging to a man who allegedly made threats that he wanted to kill police. that individual tonight behind bars being held in lieu of half a million dollars bail i is charged with felony weapons possession as well as making threats against police. kimberly? >> all right, david lee,
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thank you. and really wonderful to see all those officers out there supporting one another. and while thousands pay tribute to the murdered officers, there are still signs of tension between police and new york city mayor bill de blasio. earlier today a plane flew over the hudson river carrying a banner saying our backs have turned to you. that message references last saturday when some police officers turned their backs on mayor de blasio as he entered the hospital where the slain officers were taken. and straight ahead, a student taking her parents to court. you heard that right. find out why she is suing them and why the case is headed to a higher court. our legal panel is here
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it is legal and there is a big debate in the state of new jersey what we have is a young lady who is staying with her grandmother who is not spoken to her parents in about two years and are what she believes is that they should be able to pay for her college education and there is some law that says that as a divorce -- and by the way the parents are divorced, that they have to pay for college education. >> wow, can you believe that? i mean, the good old days you misbehave you quote sent to your room without, you know, dinner or something. now you can sue your parents are, leave them and make them pay for your college, does that seem right, katy? >> well, look, at the end of the day, you know, there is legal press debt that requires it as of right now. even though it's being appealed, everybody has to keep in mind if you want to change the laws in new
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jersey you are going to have to go through the legislature to be able to do it. also, wean keep in mind this young girl katelyn has been working 30 hours a week. she has transferred more than 45 credits from community college to temple university where she is attending. it's not like she is slacking off. it's not like she is trying to get a free ride from her divorced parents. if you think about, this everybody is making a big deal about how it seems like divorced parents are being treated unfairly, kimberly. you know what? married parents actually don't bring suit against each other to be able to enforce a custodial parent to be able to pay for school. keep in mind, that typically, it's -- go ahead. >> but, katie, what i would like you to take into consideration is that it shouldn't be mandatory. there should be some discretion. look, she has decided that she wanted to go out of state to school. so, and she wants them to contribute. i have a problem with that i really do. >> it just seems like undue
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burden on the parents because you can go to a school that's local, get a fantastic education, not pay the out-of-state tuition fees, et cetera. it just seems like after especially someone is 18, you are an adult. look, i worked three jobs while i was in college, you know, and was able to get some scholarship money and whatnot, i didn't examine for my father to pay for me at the time, indicatey. >> but you know what though, kimberly? this case that serve is relying upon, which is a new jersey supreme court case, actually has some fudge room. it actually allows subjectivity from the court. there is 12 factors set forth in this opinion. if the trial court judge really wanted to, he could have ordered that the parents didn't have to pay. at the end of the day, this is what he ordered. they haven't paid. they have not been held in contempt of court, even though katelyn has tried to do it. and, instead, the parents have appealed. we have to sit back and wait and see what the appellate court does based upon the trial court ruling. >> it's a screwed up order. it's a screwed up order by, you know. >> let's see what happens if
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it gets overturned or not because it does have a lot of precedent setting ability there and parents are like checking their wallets as we speak i'm quite sure. >> absolutely. katie and ted, what a pleasure. great to be with you. and we also want to ask you about another story making headlines. okay? because a daughter of eric garner, the new york man who died in the chokehold during his arrest has put personal information about an nypd officer online. she directed her twitter followers to a web page listing the addresses of the officer and possibly his relatives. so, are there any legal consequences? that is the question. katie, i will begin with you this time. >> absolutely. what she did was horrible. and at the end of the day, i don't believe her when she says that she didn't realize that she was directing her twitter followers to a web site that had had personal information for this officer. at the end of the day, she could face some sear civil and criminal consequences for what she has done if god forbid anything ended up
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happening to that officer or five of his possible relatives from what we have heard. >> yeah, ted, as a former officer, doesn't this reallyup set you? i find this to be really inappropriate behavior. >> yeah. it's certainly inappropriate and rather juvenile and it's a very serious situation. we need -- you know, i have been up in new york covering the shooting of the two slained officers up there. and the bottom line, the -- there is a lot of tension in the air, and they certainly don't need this. and i think that if this young lady, could she would walk this back because you don't put out the addresses of a police officer who you believe may have killed your father and his relatives it. as katie said, they could face serious consequences. >> the thing is, katie, she has now gone and deleted it once it's out there, it's out there. people are able to get it. they pass it on. the damage is done. and i think that was her intention. you may have someone suffering in grief or whatnot, it doesn't make it okay to put another person's
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life in danger. >> look, she ended up taking down the post after the "new york post" brought it to her aattention. you have to keep in mind it was retweeted 500 times. so 500 people following her retweeted it who knows who retweeted it from that it's a slippery slope problem. a huge snow ball effect. now you have this web site that she has no control over that she directed her twitter followers to. you know at the end of the day, it's a really horrible thing that's happened. i'm relieved to hear that nothing has occurred to the officer or his possible relatives that were a part of that web site. but you know what's really dangerous, as she is playing with fire and she is lucky that nothing has happened to this cop because if something does happen, as ted just mentioned, too. she could be looking at some serious consequences both civilly and criminally. >> it's really true, ted. there has to be some sense is of personal responsibility. you can't act out in a way like this and it could have dire consequences. god forbid if this officer or someone he loves was injured or hurt or killed because of this kind of
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behavior. >> yeah, you know, kimberly, that is the big issue that's going on not only in new york but all over the country now. how much information and what you can actually say you? know you can't holler fire in a crowded theater. to threaten police officers, to put out the addresses, irrespective of what you believe, you need to let the system work and not take it into your own hands under these circumstances. >> you are so right. and if people let the system work and go through the process both, you know, eric garner and would be alive today. the answer isn't to resist arrest or fight it out on the streets, go through the process, assert your rights, get a lawyer, that's the way we save lives, keep people living, not have situations like this. ted and katie, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> and it's not just president obama. another world leader getting slammed for playing golf while his country is in crisis. that's coming up next.
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plus, a very special christmas delivery on a spubway train and it's all caught on camera coming up.
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the worse monsoon floods in decades slamming malaysia forcing 100,000 people to flee their homes. at least five people have been killed. the floodwaters completely submerging houses and leaving roads unstable. tourists had to be rescued by helicopter and boat.
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no end in sight. more heavy rain fall predicted. i while malaysia has been trying to deal with the flooding. where is that country's leader? turns out the malaysian prime minister has been on vacation in hawaii and you guessed it, playing golf with president obama. and just today after taking lots of heat, the prime minister finally announcing he is going to cut his trip short. so joining us now to hash it out, our political panel, the "the washington post" colby and the "wall street journal" editorial board's mary kissel joining me here in studio. mary, i will begin with you. he did kind of get the memo and did cut the trip short. but of all things he is like with the golfer in chief it's outremain just, is he is not accountable to the malaysian people. have you had the same party running malaysian shah since the 1950s. really, i think americans should be outraged at this too. this is who president obama is palling around with. primenajeeb he has persecuted
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religious minorities. he has persecuted the leader of the opposition in malaysia. he has reenacted old colonial era law, so-called sedition laws. this is the guy the president decides to have golf with. i'm outranged. americans should be outraged hand thea is doing photo ops with our commander and chief. >> the optics are not good. are we making too much of this because i think it's inappropriate for president obama to be with someone like this that has such a horrible record. >> my colleague is actually down in hawaii with the president over his 16-day vacation and wrote about this today. wrote about the outrage the malaysian people felt about their prime minister being seen golfing with president obama while they have this flooding back in malaysian shah. what the deputy prime minister of malaysia said though listen, is he human, he deserves a break. i have got it under control. that sounds quite familiar. we hear that a lot when president obama is away or when president obama is on the golf course.
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listen, is he a human being, he needs his time to decompress. george bush actually said that about president obama in 2013. i think it was an interview with golf channel or "golf digest" one of the two. they asked him if president obama was golfing too much. president bush said listen, every president needs something, some break from the stress of it all. >> well, the bushes are always very gracious to be under standing, they don't make barbs at other presidents or sitting presidents, for example, like obama they have been very generous with him. >> i don't have a problem with the president golfing. it's who he is golfing with that i have the problem with. look, this isn't the only oppressive world leader that this president has palled around with. one of his best friends in his first couple years in office was guess who in the turkishered within -- who else s he done deals with? with syria, with the taliban. i'm not saying that the
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malaysian prime minister is in that league, but what happened to the so-called smart diplomacy of the obama administration? why isn't he playing golf with anwr ibrahim or speaking up. look, when he he went to asia earlier this year he didn't even bother to go say hello to the opposition leader who has been persecuted now for more than a decade by the same political party that najeeb is the head of. it's shocking. >> very telling when you look at this image here whose side he is on, who he is choosing to spend free time with and vacation. that sends a message to the rest of the world, colby. >> i think president obama's golfing has been fodder for criticism whether he is golfing with the prime minister of malaysia or whether he is golfing after james folly was executed. whether he. >> beheaded. >> that was terrible optics. he golfed right after ferguson. even some democratic sources i spoke to said that didn't look so good.
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the president, unlike the malaysian prime minister is unlikely to halt that behavior. is he not going to come home from hawaii. is he not going to stop golfing. is he pretty stead fast against criticism. the only time i can recall the president cutting a vacation short was 2012, right before the fiscal cliff he did come home from hawaii early. president obama looks as this as this is his time and he can get his work done. he has his blackberry, he has cities staff. he has a huge staff with him down in hawaii. the credited particulars can say what they want about optics but is he going to keep golfing. >> he seems pretty immune to it it nothing gets between him and his golf game. i don't know. it's shocking because we shouldn't even have to be having these discussions because some of these things seem so obvious about what's the right thing to do and what's not. but, you are right, we can expect more of the same. thank you to you both for being with us tonight. >> thank you. >> and straight ahead, a new antigun ad coming under fire, is the psi actually
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paragraph braff new antigun psa raising eyebrows, production company shows a young boy stealing his parents' gun and handing it over to his teacher.
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>> you can take this away? i don't feel safe with a gun in my house. >> wow. so could this ad actually be an invitation for danger? i think the answer is obvious. you can't believe this ad, can you? bring your gun in your backpack and hand it to your teacher? what kind of nonsense is this? >> kimberly, anyone who thinks this in any way promoting safety is unhinged. this is not promoting safety. this is one of the most danger-promoting videos i have ever seen. the lady who is responsible for producing this, i think she should be in a world of trouble. i pray no criminal behavior come out of it i have studied psychology for most of my life can i tell you this is not a healthy psa. >> it's a dangerous one. can you imagine? a sky goes in and take as gun. first of all the gun should be in a secured lockbox
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beings something protected. what if the gun is loaded. bring the gun to school. what if they detect it at school and someone thinks the kid has a terror plot. the whom thing is bad from the get-go and then you are handing to the teacher it looks befuddled and confused and freaked out o. it's one thing in a gun safety to be able to turn illegal guns to the police department through a structured community program. but this, this kind of thing saying turn your kids into spies in the home and assume that your parents are bad people and they shouldn't have a right to be able to have a weapon in the home even though the second amendment says they can? i don't get this. >> oh, you is said it beautifully, actually, if you look at this, the messages that you are getting from this are it's okay to steal a gun. it's okay to touch a loaded weapon that you are obviously not trained for or familiar with. the first thing we teach children stop, don't touch, leave the room. call an adult none of that is taking place in this psa. you are teaching a child it's fine to question the
11:53 pm
authority of their parents rather than to talk to his mother and say hey, i don't really understand why we have this gun. can you explain it to me? can you make me familiar with the idea. but then to trust big daddy, nanny state government again, to protect you from your own parents' decisions? this is so disturbing on so many levels, kimberly, i think it's criminal. >> yeah, it's really really reckless. it should be pulled. i don't understand how like they are getting away with doing this? what if the weapon is not cleared. there is a a round in the chamber. so many things that could go horribly wrong in this situation. i don't understand why she thinks it's powerful message for children to go and take weapons and then bring them into schools? i mean everything about this is bad. >> yeah. this should be called a public disservice announcement. and somebody should be on top of the fact that money is being used to promote what is really a political agenda and what's even more
11:54 pm
heinous about this than anything is the fact that they are so willing to use vulnerable children to to promoted what is a political agenda has nothing. >> a pawn. >> a pawn, precisely. yeah, you have got it. >> they don't care about children's lives, do they? there is no message in that video how to properly secure a weapon toss it in your backpack like peanut butter and jelly sandwich? what's wrong with people? ' makes me very upset. >> it makes me very upset, too. it's immoral, really. somebody could rationalize this again for their own political agenda and completely obvious that's all this is. >> we are on the same page. that's for sure, gina, thanks so much. >> thanks, kimberly. >> coming up, do you recognize this celebrity? well, this is his latest photo and it's a mugshot, people. find out who he is and what he is accused of ♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ p...push it real good! ♪
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get ready to speed read the news today around the world prayer services and memorials were held marking the 10th anniversary of the tsunami that killed nearly a quarter of a million people. the tsunami striking a dozen countries around the indian ocean rim in 2004. one of the deadliest national disasters on record. today, survivors were among those gathered for beach side remembrances. and in texas, former president george h.w. bush remains at the houston methodist hospital tonight. president bush was admitted to the hospital tuesday after suffering shortness of breath. a spokesman says that president bush remains in high spirits and continues
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to make progress. and in philadelphia, a pregnant woman didn't have enough time to get to the hospital to deliver her baby. she was riding a subway on christmas when she went into labor. luckily two transit police officers sprang into action. they coached the woman safely through the delivery. and tonight, mother and baby are doing just fine. the baby boy was quite the christmas surprise. and a former teen tv star now posing for a mugshot dustin diamond who played screech, yes the curly haired guy on saved by the bell getting arrested in wisconsin. is he accused of stabbing a man at a bar. diamond told police he accidently stabbed the man while defending his fiance from two men harassing her. the stabbing victim was not seriously hurt. diamond is facing several criminal charges. i want to thank you for being with us tonight. start planning ahead please. spend new year's eve with me if you want.
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join us right here. 9 p.m. eastern. new year's eve right here on the fox news channel. good night from new york. tonight on "red eye." tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." robot sumo. a look up side this sexy new sport where they will sell you the whole seat, but you will only need the edge. plus, what does the president think college co-eds think if they meet andy levey on the strait. you should try to hookup. >> what does it mean to go water skiing barefoot? >> probably never. our pam will will -- panel will debate it anyway. >> none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guests. her smile is


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